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Dixie Bested by Bears
J. C. Tilton

Dixie had all they could handle and more against the Northridge Polar Bears. Early on the defense gave them some short field situations but the Dixie offense could not capitalize. Meanwhile the Bears proved they were opportunists and scored twice in the second quarter - one of these after an interception. It was 12-0 at halftime. In all three of their wins this season the Hounds have had to overcome an opponents lead. But this time the team could not battle back. The Bears scored again before Dixie would answer with Nick Miller connecting to Ben Spahr for a 15 yard TD catch in the 3rd. Dixie scored again in the 4th when Tyler Wilson ran into the endzone from the 1 yard line. But the damage was done, Northridge won 34-14.

Coach Genslinger put the blame squarely on his shoulders. Despite this being one of the better weeks of practice, he felt that he didn't prepare the team properly for this game. He acknowledged that Northridge had a good team and came in with a good game plan. But felt that Dixie did not execute when it had to. There were some times when the defense handed the offense a short field and they did not use this to their advantage. The coach actually went to the extra effort this weekend to call all of the players and to talk to them and to pick them up for next weeks battle against Madison. Next week the coach said, “We want to make sure we get it right.” To wrap up our conversation the coach took a moment to reflect and mentioned, “We have great kids and great parents, we are all pulling together to turn this program around. There has not been much grief, it has been a good situation for the team.”

When you are the smallest team in the SWBL - you have to be a giant killer every Friday night, there is little room for mistakes. Next week Dixie travels to Madison and their veer option offense. This will be another game where (to quote Coach Genslinger) Dixie will have to all the little things right all the time. Comments:

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