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Timber! North Knocks off the Jills.
J. C. Tilton

On Saturday North defeated state ranked ( 5th in Division 3, 3rd in the local poll) and previously undefeated Oakwood 29-31, 25-19, and 15-3. This capped off a winning week for North who also defeated locally ranked Franklin Monroe on Thursday. Their record as of the 24th is 11-4. Stats leaders for the game were Aces: 2 Candice Estep, Lauren Perry, and Candice Croley; Digs: 14 Becca Steck; Assists: 15 Miranda Eisen; Kills: 10 Bethany Neller; and Blocks: 2 Bethany Neller. They also defeated Franklin 25-21 and 25-16. Stats leaders for that game are Aces: 3 Candice Estep; Digs: 8 Becca Steck; Assists: 18 Miranda Eisen; Kills: 9 Becca Steck; Blocks: 2 Bethany Neller.

North defeated Missinnewa Valley Tuesday 25-14, 25-23, 25-23. The Thursday match was against Franklin-
Monroe: 25-27, 25-21, 25-19, 25-14. Becca Steck had 21 digs and 16 kills, Neller had 5 aces, and Eisen had an impressive 38 assists to lead the Panthers efforts.

Stats for North Volleyball week of Sept. 19th:

Stats for the win over Bradford game are Steck with 1 ace, 13 digs, 17 kills; Estep with 1 ace, 6
kills, and 2 blocks; Neller with 4 aces and 10 kills; Flora with 5 kills and 1 block; Tucker with 5
digs and 1 kill; Croley with 2 digs; Perry with 7 aces, 3 digs, 11 assists, 7 kills, and 1 block;
Eisen with 4 aces, 23 assists, and 2 kills.

Stats for the loss to Arcanum: Stats for the game are Hargis with 7 digs; Neller with 1 ace, 2
digs, and 19 kills; Eisen with 2 aces, 35 assists, 3 kills, and 2 blocks; Flora with 2 kills; Tucker
with 15 digs and 2 kills; Croley with 12 digs; Perry with 8 digs, 10 assists, 7 kills, and 1 block;
Estep with 1 ace, 12 digs, 5 kills, and 1 block; Steck with 13 digs and 13 kills

North volleyball ended that week on an up note as well - winning the Franklin tournament and having players Miranda Eisen and Becca Steck selected to the All-Tournament team.



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