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South frontline stands tall against Blazers
J. C. Tilton

This past Thursday the South volleyball team hosted the Blazers from National Trail. In the first set, South got out to a rapid start, going up 4-1. Then South sputtered a bit, they had a couple of net serves during this period and Trail took advantage - closing the gap to 6-4. South regained their composure, but Trail lost theirs as they allowed two South serves to drop and finally they took a time out. The damage was done as South was up 9-4. After the timeout, South continued to stretch out their lead. But as they got closer to game point, they played more conservatively. Sets that would have been spiked over the net were passed back instead. This allowed Trail to start a mini rally, but finally South steeled themselves and sent a game winning spike over the net to win the first match 15-6.

In the second set South started out on the wrong foot. They let a service drop and with the score 2-1 Blazers, a timeout was taken to get the players back on track. So South quickly got the lead and with the score 8-4, it was the Blazers turn to take a time out. But South did not cool down during the break, and they quickly increased their lead 12-6. The Panthers seemed to have an overall height advantage and this meant that they could send spike after spike sizzling to the Blazers. To be fair, the Blazers did a good job of digging out the spikes, but when they are repeatedly coming at you at that speed a few of them are bound to drop. Plus it was difficult for the Blazers to send the ball back at speed as South kept their front line at the net to block. In the end, the Blazers fell in 2 sets, the last set was TVS 15, National Trail 8. The South JV's were winners as well.


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