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0924tvsan35 TVS Quarterback Anthony Armstrong makes some yards up the middle.

0924tvsan37 South's Justin Flynn sprints upfield on this kickoff return.

0924tvsan41 South's Robby Lakes(45) struggles to gain yardage against Anna. Brandon Wiseman(78), John Smith(73).

0924tvsan45_GOOD Scott Leedy(22) gets a Rocket bear hug. Justin Flynn(1), Derek Smith (40), Joel Stearman(77), J. T. Stone (8).

0924tvsan46 South Ball carrier struggles for one more yard. Derek Smith(40)

0924tvsan48 Josh Flynn(7) makes a throw while Brandon Wiseman(78), Chad Wentlender(31) block.

0924tvsan49 South Panthers flock to the ball on this play. Matt Hickey(23), Robby Lakes(45)


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