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0924tcnnt05 TCN's Josh Linder decides to tuck the ball and run on this rollout.

0924tcnnt07 North's Josh Linder spins out of a tackle but is about to be caught from behind.

0924tcnnt08 Josh Linder has Blazers closing in on him.

0924tcnnt09 North's Josh Linder avoids one tackler and regains his balance.

0924tcnnt11 North runner Brett Landis makes a cut.

0924tcnnt12 Fumble! The first of three first half fumbles for Trail. Brett Landis(33) and Bobby Hoskins(18).

0924tcnnt14 Josh Linder sets up to throw on a rollout pass.

0924tcnnt16 North's Matt Ferguson makes this catch for North's first TD of the night.

0924tcnnt27_GOOD TCN receiver Matt Ferguson draws triple coverage, and still makes the catch.

0924tcnnt31 Brett Landis sets up to throw with pressure from the Blazers.

0924tcnnt32_GOOD Brett Landis is tackled just after he releases this touchdown pass to Matt Ferguson.

0924tcnnt33 TCN's Matt Ferguson hauls in this throw, he will scamper to endzone for his second TD of the night.




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