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J. C. Tilton

It is midseason and the teams are falling into place. Conference games now begin for the SWBL teams. It will be interesting to see if Brookville can regain momentum, or if Dixie will maintain their winning ways. North would like to win out and maybe have a shot at the playoffs, South is searching for a win - can they pick someone off in the last half of the season? Valley View is looking strong, if they don't stumble post season play is on the horizon.

Brookville(1-4) at Waynesville(1-4). Both teams have only victory. But Waynesville's victory was over a strong Eaton team. They will also have home field advantage. Should be a close game, I lean towards Waynesville by a TD.

Dixie(3-2) vs. Northridge(1-4). Both teams can run and pass. So both teams will score on Friday night. The Dixie defense may be a bit stronger. But there is one category that will probably give Dixie the edge - penalties. The Polar Bears can be their own worst enemy with penalties at critical times. Dixie wins by a TD or so.

TCN(3-2) vs. National Trail(1-4). Trail can put some points up, but their defense will have a hard time standing up to the North offense. The North defense has been playing well as of late. North by a TD or more.

TVS(0-5) at Anna(5-0). It is Anna's last year in the conference, can South catch them napping? North played Anna to a 0-0 halftime tie before losing, so they are beatable. If the weather is bad and slows down Anna, that would be a factor in their favor. Otherwise undefeated Anna wins by 2 scores or more.

Valley View(5-0) at Oakwood(4-1). This opens conference play for both teams. Valley View seems to be in good form at midseason. Oakwood has a good team, but not good enough. The Spartans will by a TD or better.


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