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North Over South
J. C. Tilton

Friday night South took on North in Lewisburg. North quickly set to work with their strong line. They opened up the South defense and allowed the running backs to run free in the South secondary. The scoring was fast and furious for North. South had some success with the pass, but couldn't seem to get a running game going. At halftime North had a commanding 27-7 lead. Unofficially they had over 300 yards of offense in the first half alone. I had wondered if North starting a new quarterback would be a factor in this game. Dunham is out with an injury and sophomore Josh Linder had to start at quarterback, obviously the offense did not skip a beat with a new face at the helm.

The sole bright spot for South was a Dustin Bassler interception and run back for a TD. Scott Leedy kicked the point after touchdown. In the second half the scoring pace slowed down, but North managed to score twice more to win 41-7. The last TD coming from an interception and run back for touchdown. South's quarterback, Armstrong, is out as well. They used both Derek Smith and Josh Flynn as replacements. Smith mainly was sent in as a passer in throwing situations. The South sideline had a number of injured players on it, and it did not help matters to have the starting Quarterback and running back still ailing from their injuries. Hopefully, they will recover in the new few weeks so that they can help the team in the second half of the season. Still Coach Meyers was disappointed in the fumbles and interceptions that the team had - even with the new faces in the backfield: “The players are young, but we need to cut down on the number of turnovers, plus as a team we need to improve our tackling”.

The tough schedule for the first half of the season does not get any easy for TVS as they meet the league leading Anna Rockets. Meanwhile TCN visits National Trail next Friday. Comments:

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