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0917tvstcn69 North Quarterback Josh Linder runs the option.

0917tvstcn70 North's Matt Zumstein(32) leads the way for Matt Ferguson(44)

0917tvstcn71 TCN ball carrier Matt Ferguson.

0917tvstcn72 North's Matt Zumstein(32) can't seem to shake loose of this South tackler. Steve Oswalt(51) Austin Grey(71).

0917tvstcn73 North's Josh Linder(12) throws on this roll out pass, Matt Ferguson(44) blocks.

0917tvstcn76 North's Matt Zumstein finds some open field.

0917tvstcn77 North's Josh Linder(12) calls the signals as Panther lines up against Panther.

0917tvstcn80 South's Derek Smith(40) throws a pass into the flats. Robby Lakes (45)

0917tvstcn82 South's Dustin Bassler(21) is tackled by Steve Oswalt(51) Reno Hartman (21)

0917tvstcn83 TCN quarterback Josh Linder finds an open receiver.

0917tvstcn85 TCN runner Orry Bettker (30) exhibits some fancy footwork. Justin Kesler(50) Justin Flynn(1)



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