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Hounds Host Jacks
J. C. Tilton

During their first two possessions, Oakwood looked strong - scoring on both drives. It started to look like this would be a repeat of the Eaton game, where the Hound defense initially just couldn't make a stop. On Dixie's first possession they moved the ball to about the Oakwood 30 where an untimely fumble ended the drive. This would be their best drive of the first quarter. But the next possession by Oakwood was ended by a Dixie fumble recover and the 4th Oakwood possession ended on downs when the stingy defense stopped Oakwood on a 4th and short yardage play.

So the Dixie defense proved that they could make a stop when they had to. But the offense seemed to have trouble moving the ball consistently. They gained some yardage, but inevitably the drive would stall. Dixie finally crossed the goal line in the second half when Chad Craft connected with Joe Blossser. But it was too late as Oakwood would go on to win 28 to 7. Still Dixie accumulated over 300 yards of offense.          

Coach Bullock thought that the team as a whole was improving, but they had to learn to take advantage of their chances - referring to a drive late in the second quarter that started when Joe Blosser recovered a fumble. Dixie was moving the ball into Oakwood territory but ended up giving the ball back to Oakwood. Next weeks game against Preble Shawnee is cancelled so the team will have a bye. Coach Bullock thinks that the break will do the team some good and they should come back refreshed when they open their division schedule against Madison at home a week from Friday.

Chad Craft had a good night passing - 17 completions against 28 attempts for 212 yards and a TD. He also rushed for 83 yards on 10 attempts. Ben Spahr caught 6 passes for 80 yards, while Joe Blosser had 4 catches for 77 yards. Tyler Wilson rushed 8 times for 30 yards, Ethan Owens rushed 3 times for 10 yards. Coach Bullock pointed out Cody Lukacs's 5 returns for 94 yards as another highlight of the game as well as Heath Lukacs's 22 tackles and fumble recovery.


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