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0917dixoak52 Dixie's Ben Spahr(33) makes a stop. Ethan Owens(21)

0917dixoak53 Greyhounds swarm to the ball. David Huber(77) Ethan Owens(21) Chad Craft(7)

0917dixoak54_GOOD Time to move the chains, Dixies Cody Lukacs gets some yards after catch.

0917dixoak56 Dixies Cody Lukacs tries to ward off a tackler.

0917dixoak57 Greyhound Ben Spahr(33) turns up field on this quick hitter. Chad Craft(7) David Woodgeard(53) Galen Blosser(60)

0917dixoak58_GOOD Ben Spahr drives for first down yardage. Cody Lukacs(81) and Ethan Owens(21) block down field. Galen Blosser(60) David Woodgeard(53)

0917dixoak60 Ethan Owens of Dixie tries to make a cut.

0917dixoak62 Greyhound Ethan Owens is caught by a Lumber Jack.

0917dixoak63_GOOD Tyler Wilson(20) tries to thread the needle.




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