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South Volleyball: A Tigers Tale
J. C. Tilton

The previous week South volleyball was on a roll, going 4-0 against some tough competition. They beat Eaton, TCN, NorthWestern, and Brookville - all quality opponents that most teams would be happy going .500 against. But this week the Panthers ran into a strong Arcanum team that is on a roll of their own. Arcanum defeated South and would go on to beat TCN to remain undefeated in league play and on top of the standings.

Thursday South hosted the Ansonia Tigers. During the first match it was all TVS as they raced out to a 5-0 lead, and would go on to win 25-9. The second match was a little tougher as Ansonia kept pace the TVS. They seemed to be playing catch up as South would get a small lead and Ansonia would close only to have TVS pull ahead again. TVS finally won the second match 26-24. So now TVS only needed to win one more match to put the Tigers away.

The next two matches were very even. During the 3rd match the score was knotted up 7 times. Now it was TVS's turn to play catch up as Ansonia knew that their backs were against the wall and were fighting to stay ahead. South shook up their line up - at one time they had 3 freshmen on the court. But they went down to defeat in the third match 26-28. The fourth match was a repeat of the last with neither team being able to pull away from the other. South did not help their cause with several mistakes, spikes into the net, being called for lifts, and the like. They could not put away the Tigers as they won the 4th match 25-23, forcing a 5th match. Finally the Panthers went to work and dispatched the Tigers winning the 5th match to escape with a hard fought victory 16-14. The TVS reserve team won 25-15, 19-25, 15-8.

Stats for the match:
Kate McCollum 10 points, three aces, 20 digs and 20 kills.
Bethany Garrett 11 points, five aces, 15 digs, 24 assists and six kills.
Danyel Lipps 12 points, four aces, 17 digs and 12 kills.
Christina Smith 27/30 serve reception and 26 digs

In other volleyball news, Brookville's volleyball team defeated Arcanum, while TCN has won the Franklin Tournament, beating Franklin in straight sets.

This season OHSSA volleyball has introduced rally scoring. This means that points are scored at anytime, not just when your team has the serve as has been the case in the past. Games now go to 25 points to determine a winner. So the games are more fast paced as far as the scoring, but last longer as there are more points per game and varsity teams now have to win 3 matches instead of 2 as had been the case in the past. Oh, and net serves are gone as well, as long as the ball crosses the net, it can make contact and still be a good serve. The referee's benefit from the rules changes as their fee's have been increased since the games last longer. And it used to be that the basketball coaches lamented that the volleyball players wouldn't be conditioned, with matches routinely lasting over 2 hours, the girls should be in better condition than before. Comments:

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