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0914tvsarc02 South Junior High player Skylar Recker tries to find the handle on this pass.

0914tvsarc03 South Junior High defenders stop an Arcanum running back.

0914tvsarc04 TVS Junior High ball carrier Skylar Recker finds some daylight.

0914tvsarc06 Mason Jones carries the ball for the TVS Junior High team.

0914tvsarc07 This receiver tries to stretch for the ball during last weeks Arcanum - TVS game.

0914tvsarc08 South Junior High receiver Nick Youngerman fights for position on this pass.

0914tvsarc11 Sack! South junior high defenders wrestle Arcanum's quarterback to the ground.

0914tvsarc13 South Junior High Quarterback Miles McCollum just gets this pass away.

0914tvsarc14 Eric Walker(88) reaches high on this pass during the Junior High Arcanum - TVS game.


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