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South Volleyball Picks up Steam.
J. C. Tilton

The first week of the season, TVS accumulated a 2-2 record. South picked up some momentum this week with some key victories over local foes. The team may be starting to gel and find their stride. First up was Brookville which was dispatched 25-11, 25-15, 18-25, 25-15.

Next South hosted TCN for a CCC game. South looked a little shaky in the early going as North got an early lead in the first set. They seemed to make a lot of mistakes as they allowed the ball to drop several times and just seemed to play sloppy. North was up by 5 points at one time - up 18-13. But senior Dany Lipps found the range and got some decisive kills to pull South within one 18-17. The momentum swung over to South as they only allowed one more point and went on to win the first set 25-19.

In the second set, a confident TVS team went to work and methodically built their lead. Coach Chad Aukerman took several time outs to try and rally the team but South lead from start to finish to win 25-15. In the third set North came as close as they would get to TVS but lost the set 25-23 to give South the victory.

In tournament play, South defeated both Northwestern and Eaton. Northwestern was defeated 25-13, 25-23; Eaton was defeated 25-8, 25-11. This rounded out their perfect week as the team was 4-0, now 6-2 overall.

Stats for the TVS team:

Against Brookville: Debbie Brubaker 10 digs, 42 assists; Kaitlyn Ervin 13 pts, 10 digs, 6 kills; Kate McCollum 10 pts, 17 digs, 4 saves, 10 kills; Maggie McCollum 19pts, 8 digs, 9 kills; Danyel Lipps 25 digs 18 kills; Katie McCoy 8 kills 6 blocks; Jennifer Bambeck 19 digs

Against TCN: Debbie Brubaker 13 digs, 35 assists; Kaitlyn Ervin 6 pts, 2 aces, 8 digs, 6 kills; Kate McCollum 11 pts, 9 digs, 11 kills; Maggie McCollum 11 pts, 6 digs, 3 kills, two blocks; Danyel Lipps 23 digs, 11 kills, two blocks; Katie McCoy 9 kills 6 blocks; Jennifer Bambeck 5 digs; Cailee Bryant 8 digs; Kali DuChemin 2 pts

Against Northwestern: Debbie Brubaker 9 pts, 9 digs, 23 assists; Kaitlyn Ervin 9 pts; Kate McCollum 2 aces, 7 digs 7 kills; Maggie McCollum 3 assists and 6 kills; Danyel Lipps 10 digs 8 kills; Katie McCoy 5 kills; Jennifer Bambeck 13 digs

Against Eaton: Debbie Brubaker 22 assists; Kaitlyn Ervin 5 pts, 3 aces, 4 digs; Kate McCollum 23 pts, 4 aces, 13 digs, 4 kills; Maggie McCollum 4 pts, 5 kills; Danyel Lipps 3 pts 6 digs 10 kills; Katie McCoy 6 kills 5 blocks; Cailee Bryant 11 digs


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