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0910dixeat16 Ethan Owens tries to stay inbounds as he is tackled by an Eaton defender.

0910dixeat17_GOOD Ethan Owens goes up high on this reception.

0910tvscov18 Ethan Owens(21) finds himself surrounded by Eagles.

0910dixeat21 Dixie Quarterback Chad Craft calls his own number.

0910dixeat24 Dixie receiver Steven Livingston appears to be suspended in midair on this play.

0910dixeat25 Dixie receiver Steven Livingston is quickly swarmed by Eagles after making a catch.
0910dixeat0910 1983 League Champs from Dixie. Mullins, Todd, Yoder, Powell, Rick Stones, Rod Pahr, Keith Mullins, Meyers.

0910dixeat29 Joe Blosser tackles an Eagle ball carrier.

0910dixeat33 These Hounds fight to keep this runner from a first down.

0910dixeat38 Chad Craft makes a shoestring tackle.




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