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North vs. South Volleyball match goes to 3 sets.
by J. C. Tilton

An undefeated North team visited South this past week.
South has taken a few defeats this season, but are playing competitive volleyball. These two teams have both been playing great volleyball for many years. The first match was at 3 points apiece when South went on a run and scored 8 unanswered points. They finally lost the serve and North began to chip away at the South lead. At one point it was TCN 8 and TVS 12, but after trading serves South regained their momentum and won the first set 15 to 8.

The second match saw North get a small lead of 3-2, then they went on a run of their own. South got rattled and allowed a couple of serves to drop inbounds untouched. By the time South took a timeout to regroup, they were down 10-2. After the timeout South had a mini rally and scored a couple of points, but that was the end of the scoring for South and North surged ahead to win 15-4.

Now it was time for the 3rd and final set. Again North jumped ahead with an early lead 4-1. South had a rough time returning several sizzling North spikes. It was 10-2 and the third match was starting to look like a repeat of number two. Finally South was able to score a point and finally got some momentum. At this point, the home crowd got into the game and South continued their rally to the encouragement of the crowd and when North took a timeout it was TCN 11 TVS 6. After the timeout, the two teams traded points and it was 12-8 when North made some substitutions. The two teams battled back and forth and South had closed the gap to 2 points (14-12), but it was now game point for North and it was their serve. They scored the final point and remain undefeated as they held off the vigorous South rally. The Reserve game also went 3 sets but was won by South.


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