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A Tale of Two Halves
J. C. Tilton

The young Twin Valley South Panthers went toe to toe with the Bethel Bee's for one half then the wheels fell off the cart. Except for an opening series miscue that gave the Bee's an easy touchdown, the Panthers had been playing some decent ball. The defense had been stingy, and the offense was sporadic, but had managed a few first downs. The Bee's probably had a time of possession advantage, but TVS had managed to keep them out of the endzone. But in the second half the Bee's exploded for 35 points.

Coach Meyer thought that the game was winnable at halftime. But the offense was sputtering in part due to untimely turnovers - the opening fumble, an interception, and untimely penalties. This would come back in the second half as well. Plus the young offensive line was having problems with some of the stunts that the Bee's defense were throwing at them. Still up to this point the team had played well. In the second half the Bee's made some adjustments to take advantages of weaknesses they had spotted in the Panther defense. Plays that had gone for 2,3 yards were now yielding 6,7,8 yards or more. Coach Meyer gave credit to the Bee offensive line, They did a good job of moving us off the ball in the second half. At this point fatigue also became a factor for the South defense - they were spending a lot of time on the field and weren't getting much rest on the sidelines.

Stats for the night: Armstrong was 8 of 22 attempts for the night. Dustin Bassler caught 4 of those passes for 65 yards. Coach Meyer also noted that Bassler did a good job with his toe, averaging 41 yards per punt. Wes Bassler had an interception. Justin Flynn had 9 tackles, Dustin Bassler had 12, Lyle Johnson had 8, Robby Lakes had 7 tackles.




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