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0903bettvs10 Anthony Armstrong is back to pass.

0903bettvs12 Goins has a double fistful of jersey from South's Anthony Armstrong.

0903bettvs13 South sets up in Shotgun formation. Robby Lakes (45) Anthony Armstrong(2)

0903bettvs14 Anthony Armstrong throws to Dustin Bassler(21), blocking is Robby Lakes(45) and Jeremy Rutan(50).

0903bettvs16 South reciever Scott Leedy (22) is closely covered.

0903bettvs17 South defender Gary Strong(5) pressures the Bethel Quarterback.

0903bettvs18_GOOD Wes Bassler(34) is bulldogged to the ground after making an interception. Also pictured Dustin Bassler(21) Chad Wentlender(31).

0903bettvs19_GOOD Scott Leedy focuses on the ball as two Bethel defenders attempt to break up the pass.

0903bettvs21 South's Robby Lakes(45) finds himself in the open field.

0903betttvs25 Dustin Bassler(21) tries for extra yardage after making a catch. Jordan Keener(80)

0828bettvs27 Wes Bassler tries to shake a defender.

0828bettvs29 South defenders Derek Smith(40) and Wes Bassler (34) put a stop to this running play.

0828bettvs29 Kick in the Twilight Zone.

0903bettvs45 Anthony Armstrong runs the option.

0903bettvs47_GOOD Anthony Armstrong tries to evade the Bethel rush.



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