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Dixie Bests New Miami
J. C. Tilton

Dixie started slowly against New Miami, but finished strong. Neither team scored in the first quarter, but New Miami drew first blood in the second. Dixie responded when Tyler Wilson found the end zone and went up 7-6 when they converted their extra point. At half time Dixie made some decisive defensive adjustments.

The defensive changes kept New Miami in a funk. Coach Gunslinger would later comment that offense carried the team in their first game, but defense made the difference in the second. Dixie was able to operate with a short field and Tyler Wilson scored to put Dixie up by a TD. And a special teams play changed the momentum for good as Coach Genslinger would later comment. On a 4th down play a punt was blocked by Tyler Wilson, Ryan Leach scooped up the loose ball and raced to the endzone to extend Dixie's lead. This demoralized New Miami as it was now a 2 score lead. Dixie got some more insurance late in the 4th when Tyler Wilson scored the last TD of the game to seal a 26-6 win.

When asked for comment, Coach Genslinger immediately gave credit to his defense coaches, Coach Mullins and Defensive Coordinator Householder. “They have the defense going in the right direction.” They made adjustments that New Miami could not figure out. The offense was able to work with a short field in the second half because the defense kept them pinned back. He also noted that the Greyhounds have been opportunists - the team is +5 in the turnover department over the last 2 games. When asked about the low passing yards out of the run and shoot offense, Genslinger responded, “We take advantage of what the defense gives us. Their strategy was to deny the pass and force us to run. If they had put 8 in the box, then we would have passed.” When asked about individual performance he noted that Hubler had a good game on both sides of the ball and that the running game has been outstanding the first two games of the season with Tyler Wilson being a major factor at running back.

Looking ahead, Coach Genslinger said although Fort Loramie is a young first year varsity team, they are good. They have been playing defense with a 4 man front and their offense is a mixture. They will play some Pro I formation, Shotgun, and even wing T. He believes that the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win.

Dixie stats: Rushing - Tyler Wilson 17-140; Eddie Bellman 5-63; Nick Miller 7-12. Passing- Nick Miller 3-10 1 int, 11 yds. Receiving- Steven Livingston 1-4yds.; Woody Earls 1-4yds.; Eddie Bellman 1-3yds.


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