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0828dixtvs01 Greyhounds start the 2004 football season!

0828dixtvs05 Dixie's Ethan Owens(21) tries to find a seam in the TVS defense. Tyler Wilson(20), Steve Livingston(24), Justin Flynn(1).

0828dixtvs08 Zebra sandwich anyone? The referee finds himself between the Panther ball carrier and a Greyhound linebacker.

0828dixtvs11 South quarterback Anthony Armstrong

0828dixtvs20 Panthers on the Prowl. Anthony Armstrong(2) is in good hands as he runs downfield. John Smith(73).

0828dixtvs24 Dixies Ethan Owens(21) follows pulling guard Heath Lukacs(55).

0828dixtvs25 Dixie's Chad Craft checks the line of scrimmage before starting the count.

0829dixtvs29 South's Anthony Armstrong runs the option, Damon McNeal pursues.

0828dixtvs32 Dixie's David Huber(77) says I'll have a drumstick. Tyler Wilson(20), Cody Lukacs(81).

0828dixtvs35 TVS linebacking corp at the ready.

0828dixtvs38_GOOD Dixie's Chad Craft(7) scampers 53 yards for a TD. Gary Strong(5), Chad Wentlender(31), Justin Flynn(1), Ashton Andrews(8).

0828dixtvs42 Dixie's Ethan Owens(21) searches for a gap. Chad Craft(7), David Huber(77), Josh Adams(66), Derek Smith(40).

0828dixtvs43 TVS running back Bryant Artz races around the corner.

0828dixtvs46 South's Anthony Armstrong sets up to pass.

0828dixtvs48_GOOD South reciever Dustin Bassler makes a catch in traffic.

0828dixtvs49_GOOD Dixie runner Ethan Owens.

0828dixtvs51 Hound Tyler Wilson(20) sacks South's Anthony Armstrong(2). David Huber(77), Garen Blosser(60).

0828dixtvs52 Jump Ball! Dixie cornerback Joe Blosser(6) makes a play on this pass. Chad Craft(7), Justin Flynn(1)
0828dixtvs54_GOOD Holder Anthony Armstrong pitches to Dustin Bassler 21 on the 2 point conversion.

0828dixtvs56 Ready for the snap. Action from Fridays Dixie - TVS Football game.

0828dixtvs57 South receiver turns upfield after making the catch.

0828dixtvs58_GOOD South reciever Justin Flynn snags an Armstrong pass over the outstretched arms of Dixie's Joe Blosser.

0828dixtvs62_GOOD This freeze-frame catches South QB Anthony Armstrong in mid-stride. John Smith(73), Lyle Johnson(33), Joel Stearman(77), Josh Adams(66).

0828dixtvs71 Panthers swarm to the ball. Justin Flynn(1), Chad Wentlender(31), Derek Smith(40).

0828dixtvs86 Dixie's Chad Craft turns on the afterburners as he rounds the corner. Defending is Joel Stearman(77).


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