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dix07 The South running game had a rough time against a stalwart Dixie defense.

Dix10 South's Chad Wentlender(31) runs into a pair of Dixie defenders. Wiley Vires(32).

Dix15 Slippery Nick Miller(1) eludes the grasp of South's Scott Leedy(22).

Dix21 South's Chad Wentlender(31) veers to the sideline on a punt return for 32 yards.

Dix27 Panther in the backfield! This Greyhound runner tries to high step over a diving Panther defender.

Dix32 Two Dixie defenders close in on this South runner. Woody Earls(30)

Dixe35 A trio of Dixie defenders box in this South runner.

Dix37 Fumbles were a problem for both teams. South's Josh Flynn coughs up the ball, another Josh - Dixie's Josh Moody is the tackler.

Dix49 South's Josh Flynn rolls out and looks for an open receiver.


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