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Dixie - Will Hard Work Pay Off?
J. C. Tilton

This years Dixie team has been working hard in the off season. Despite having to use a trailer as a weight room due to construction of the new school, the team has been putting in the hours. The team attended several competitions and also went to the Weightlifting and Conditioning workouts at Tennessee. The team went to 7 on 7's at UC, Miami University, and UD where they went up against teams such as Meadowdale, Dunbar, and Trotwood. So the players have been making an extra effort.

This year there are 31 players on the roster, down slightly from last season. But 9 of those players are seniors. Coach Bullock is expecting contributions from Chad Craft at Quarterback, Keith Lucas at Linebacker, David Woodgeard, Ethan Owen at Runningback, Galen Blosser - lineman and Ben Spahr at Wide Reciever. Sophomores Robert Beech and Jody Blosser are also expected to contribute. With experience at running back and line returning, Coach Bullock expects to be able to run the ball better this year. With the off season conditioning, he is expecting the team to be stronger and quicker. This fall the emphasis will be on defense. New assistant coach Kyle Ginslinger has been given the task of improving team defense.

Other assistant coaches are: Chad Allen - ends and tackles, Bob Spahr - center and guards, Mark Lankite - Wide Recievers. Due to a reduced budget, the team has lost an assistant coach position. The team did something new this year, they had a “Midnight Madness” for the football players. A pig was roasted and the fans got to see a preview of this years Junior High and Varsity teams. When asked about some closing comments about his team, Coach Bullock replied, “When they work, they work hard. They are accountable.... We want to be competive in every game. Take each game one at a time. And get back to winning football”.


31 players

Chad Craft QB, Keith Lucas LB David Woodgeard , Ethan Owan RB Galen Blosser line.
Robert Beech Jody Blosser sophs Ben Spahr WR. 9 Seniors.

Strengths Run the ball more. Stronger and quicker.

Improve defense was not good last year. Kyle Ginslinger new defensive co-ordinator.

Off-season Tennessee, competitions, 7 on 7 Cinn Miami UD. Played Meadowdale, Dunbar, Trotwood.

Midnight Madness, roasted pig. Preview of JR Hi and Varsity.

Still in a trailer for lifting.

coaches, Chad Allen ends tackles Bob Spahr center and guards, Mark Lankite WR, took coach away for budget. Expanded JV program. Separate 7-8 grade programs.

Want to be competive in every game. Take each game one at a time. Back to winning football.

Hardworking team, very accountable when they work, they work hard.


1983 class reuninon at the Eaton game. Call AD 9/10 8-2 won SWBL halftime recognition.


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