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0817dixtcn05_GOOD North's Brett Landis turns upfield.after catching a Tyler Dunham pass.

0817dixtcn06 TCN runner Brett Landis cuts back to the inside on this run.

0817dixtcn08 North quarterback Tyler Dunham escapes Greyhound pressure.

0817dixtcn09 Tyler Dunham of TCN sets to throw.

0817dixtcn10 This Dixie runner turns the corner with a blocker in front.

0817dixtcn12 Plenty of green in front of this Greyhound.

0817dixtcn15 The Dixie quarterback barely evades a sack on this play.

0817dixtcn17 The Dixie receiver is trying to find the handle on this pass.

0817dixtcn18_GOOD The Greyhound quarterback is looking downfield for a receiver during their scrimmage against TCN

0817dixtcn20_GOOD Action from the North - Dixie scrimmage.

0817dixtcn21 This Dixie receiver makes some extra yardage after the catch.

0817dixtcn27 Dixie defender covers on this leaping catch.

0817dixtcn29 North's Tyler Dunham makes sure the linemen are set as he calls the signals.

0817dixtcn30 Panther Tyler Dunham drops back to pass.

0817dixtcn31 North QB Tyler Dunham is getting pressure from this Dixie lineman.

0817dixtcn32 Dunham just gets this pass away as he feels heat from the Dixie defense.

0817dixtcn37 TCN's Dunham pitches to Brett Landis who runs for extra yardage.




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