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0815drag21 Pictured is a mini-dragster, this is powered by a 1 cylinder briggs and stratton engine and do over 80mph in the 1/8 mile.

0815drag25 Who needs 4 wheels when you can run on two?

0815drag28 A peek at the expensive hardware that makes this car go over 180mph in the quarter mile.

0815drag29 The family wagon never looked like this. Picture from pit area at Edgewater Motor Sports.

0815drag15 An upclose look at what it takes to make a dragster go over 200mph. Driven by Carl Grover of EastLake.

0815drag36 Keith McQuinn of Middletown on “The Punisher”

0815drag37 Keith McQuinn of Middletown is ready to dish out a little punishment.

0815drag41 Jeff Davidson of Englewood cleans tires on his drag bike.

0815drag42 Jeff Davidson of Englewood jumps off the starting line at the green light.

0815drag45 A look “under the hood” of a drag bike owned by Scott Pence of New Lebanon.

0815drag46 Wide ride. John Pearson of West Alexandria gives advice to this racer from Trenton.

0815drag48 Wings? If his front wheels come off of the ground any further, he may need a set.

0815drag51 Action at the start line of Edgewater Motor Sports.

0815drag52 This Nova does a wheel stand at the start.

0815drag56 This is not your fathers coupe.

0815drag62 Catch any speeders lately? This interceptor sure has.

0815drag64 Keith McQuinn can run at speeds up to 155 mph on this drag bike.

0815drag75 Jeff Davidson cleans his tires in the “burn box” behind the starting line.

0815drag76 Jeff Davidson strains to hold back his bike as he cleans the tires with a “burn off”



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