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0805fair01 Where's my supper? This steer seems to be saying.

0805fair05 This Junior Fair participant and his steer wait in the shade for their turn in the show ring.

0805fair07 Euchre anyone? These teenagers pass the time with a friendly game of cards - the youngster with his back to camera has both bars...

0805fair08 This young man gives his dairy heifer an evening walk.

0805fair09 The National Guard HumVee before pulling.

0805fair10 The National Guard HumVee gets to make the first pull of the night.

0805fair12 This tractor pops a wheelie out of the gate.

0805fair17 This Moline knows a few tricks as it rides up on two wheels on it's way to a full pull.

0805fair19 This John Deere shows ‘em how to run!

0805fair23 International Harvester is up to the challenge.

0805fair24 Look Ma! Only 2 wheels!

0805fair26 Thick smoke billows out of the exhaust of this hard pulling International.

0805fair28 This turbine powered tractor flies down the track.

0805fair31 Here come the Judge!

0805fair33 It must be a nightmare to change sparkplugs on these three engines!

0805fair36 Twin 12 cylinder engines power this tractor down the track.

0805fair38_GOOD Weinie Roast anyone? This turbine engine throws a little flame at the starting line.

0805fair41 The Flying Machine lives up to its name.

0805fair42 Allis Chalmers never meant for one of their tractors to do this!

0805fair44 Smoken' Thunder lives up to half of its name as the engine blows half way down the track.
0805fair47 There is a good reason why these tractors have roll cages on them.

0805fair50 This John Deere seems to leap from the starting line.

0805fair52 This old Ford has found a new life on the pulling track.

0805fair55 White Lightening in the 4WD pull.

0805fair58 Four Wheel Drive trucks also got to pull at the Preble County Fairgrounds.


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