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0731fair41 Candice Estep of Lewisburg grooms her sheep before showing.

0731fair42 Candice Estep from Lewisburg prepares her sheep for the show.

0731fair43 The Fulton's of West Alexandria are doing some pre-show preparation with their sheep.

0731fair45 Becky Sharrock of Lewisburg feeds her heifer at the fair.

0731fair47 Tara Milliken of West Alexandria works with her Nubian goat.

0731fair48_GOOD Carly Sink of Lewisburg takes a minute to talk with a friend before working out with her horse.

0731fair51 Mallory Mayabb, a Preble Shawnee student, works with her horse.

0731fair52 Action in the first heat of the demolition derby.

0731fair58 Car #127 is about to get popped.

0731fair61 Dirt flies as this station wagon tries to run a car into the barricade.

0731fair63 The back end of this sedan submarines under the bumper of this car at impact.     

0731fair64 The front end of Car #311 gets a little lift.

0731fair70 This car becomes a sandwich as it is hit by two cars at the same time.

0731fair71 Does his Mom know that he is doing this? How about the other fellow's Dad?

0731fair73 The fair is an uplifting experience for this sedan, but car #71 looks a little down.

0731fair77 Get offa my tail! The driver of this yellow sedan seems to be saying.

0731fair89 Ride ‘em Cowboy! This car appears to be trying to claw it's way up the side of this sedan.

0731fair91 Ka-bang! These two cars smash into one another during the finals.



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