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Summer Hoops is Over.
J. C. Tilton

The Preble/Montgomery County Summer League has just finished it's 5th year. It is a way for young girls in the area to stay on top of their games in the off season. Schools that participated this summer included Brookville, Eaton, National Trail, Preble Shawnee, Twin Valley South, and Valley View. The league is for girls in grades 3-8. Since Trail has decided to cancel their Junior High Athletics due to budget problems, this is the only chance that these girls will have to play ball for a long time. There are 3 divisions determined by age group. The league wraps up with a season ending tournament.

Although the girls are doing basketball in the off season. It is a relaxed way to play. Many of the teams do not bother to practice, and if they do have a practice schedule it is only once per week. The idea is for the girls to have fun, yet work on improving their skills for the winter season. Although things get a little anxious at the tournament, during the June and July regular season games the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The league was competitive - there was only one undefeated team, the Eaton 5/6 grade team who dominated their division. As you can see by the scores below there were no blowouts. Here are the finals from Sunday, July 25th:

3/4 Grade division consolation game: TVS 20 NT 11. Championship: Valley View 25 Brookville 20.

5/6 Grade Division consolation game: Preble Shawnee Red 22 Preble Shawnee Black 26. Championship: Eaton 21 Valley View 15.

Junior High Consolation game: TVS 28 NT 20. Championship: Brookville 44 Eaton 34.


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