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0709pear01 John Pearson doing a burn off on his drag bike. Picture from mid 1980's.

0709pear20 John Pearson doing the quarter mile.

0709pear41 A complete Drag Bike in the process of being rebuilt.

0709pear42 Another view of the Drag Bike - note the wide tire on back and short handle bars on front.

0709pear43 Close up view of a built up Pearson Racing engine installed.          

0709pear45 Side view of a Pearson Racing engine installed on a drag bike.

0709pear46 Top is a stock crankshaft, below is a polished, precision machined Pearson Racing crankshaft.

0709pear48 A Pearson Racing Crankshaft ready for shipment. The round objects in the background are heavy duty roller bearings.

0709pear49 John Pearson demonstrates the Air Flow calibratator that he uses to measure the air flow thru the motorcycle head. C-clamps hold down a Kawasaki head that he is currently testing.


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