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Local Teams Stay Busy in the Summertime
J. C. Tilton

Just because school is out doesn't mean that the gyms aren't staying busy. Working out in the summertime doesn't guarantee success - but failure to work out, will guarantee failure. A number of local basketball players are working out with their teams this summer in hopes of improving their game next winter. It takes dedication and desire to come into the gym and work out while many of your friends are relaxing and taking it easy. This week the focus is on the girls teams and what they are up to in June and July.

Eaton, Dixie, and Preble Shawnee are playing in a summer league that is hosted by Springboro. This was the Springboro-Franklin league, but with school funding issues at Franklin, the league is now solely in Springboro. It is a short intense league, the teams play 3 games per week and wind up the league with a tournament. It is in June only, which leaves July free. Some teams go to a team camp after the league, others windup their summers then so that the volleyball players can have some free time before their season begins. Tri-County North basketball coach Molly Stamen is trying something new this year. She is taking the team to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a team camp. So the players will get to mix a little pleasure in with their hard work. Twin Valley South is attended a one day team camp at Miami University. Teams from around the region and even Indiana attended the camp. The teams spend the day playing basketball against each other and it does give the girls a chance to play against different schools that they ordinarily would not play against. In this issue there are some pictures of the girls at their various summertime venues. Keep working hard Ladies and good luck next winter! Comments:

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