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June means baseball in New Lebanon.
J. C. Tilton

This past Thursday I made a quick tour of the ball diamonds in New Lebanon. First stop was to see a game between the Dayton Renegades and the Patterson Park Classics. These teams compete in the Dayton Amateur Baseball Commission, a select league for young players. The Dayton Renegades are a local team with players from Dixie, TCN, Brookville, Franklin Monroe and surrounding communities. The team is coached by Don Tucker, Corey Mangan, Gene Saunders, and Larry Grey. This team is sponsored by Mike Loy's Collison. The Patterson Park team pulls in players from the greater Dayton area. The players are all high school aged players. The Patterson Park team had lept out to an early lead when I had to leave. They were making good contact with the ball, and the Renegades helped Patterson Park with a couple of errors.

Next stop was over where two coach pitched games were going on. The young players were having a good time flying around the base paths and crossing the plate. As one can imagine, there was a lot of offense and not so much defense. The other set of diamonds had girls softball on them. The New Lebanon softball teams were playing against Brookville. A lot of parents had brought their lawn chairs and were enjoying the sunshine. I don't think too many folks were worried about the scores of the various games, I think they were just having fun watching the youngsters play. Here are some pictures of that evenings ball games.


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