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0524regtrk08 Jessica McMurray competes in the 4X800m relay.

0524regtrk09 Jennifer Bambeck from Twin Valley South.

0524regtrk10 4X800m relay at the Piqua Regional Track Meet.

0524regtrk11 South runner at the Regional Track Meet.

0524regtrk12 North runner is followed by Franklin Monroe in 4X800m relay.

0524regrtrk13 4X800m relay.

0524regtrk14 North runner carries baton on the backstretch.

0524regtrk15 North runner at the Regional Track Meet.

0524regtrk16 Ray Buchanon throws the discus.

0524regtrk17 Megen Maleski competes in the 100m hurdles.

0524regtrk18 Kevin Nuse at the Piqua Regional Track Meet.

0524regtrk19 South's Kari Summers is against the rail in the 100m dash.

0524regtrk20 Vaulter Kevin Nuse from Twin Valley South

0524regtrk21 TVS Coach Farhenholtz discusses stragedy with Jobe Hickey (standing) and Caleb Betzner

0524regtrk22 Kevin Nuse really pulls back on the pole on this attempt.

0524distrk23 Ben Anspaugh takes the baton on his leg of the 4X200m relay.

0524regtrk24 Caleb Betzner anchors the 4X200m relay.

0524regtrk25 Molly DuChemin hands off to Kari Summers in the 4X100 relay.

0525regtrk26 Jobe Hickey recieves the baton from Ben Anspaugh in the 4X100 relay.

0525regtrk27 Unger from National Trail.

0525regtrk30 Caleb Betzner of TVS in the 300m hurdles.

0524regtrk31 Daniel Donaldson competes in the 4X400m relay.

0524regtrk32 Caleb Betzner is being chased by a Jefferson Bronco.

0524regtrk33 Jobe Hickey faces the long stretch to the finish line in his leg of the 4X400m run.

0524regtrk34 South's Drew Rivers in the regional preliminaries at Piqua.


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