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Deja Vu, South Track Teams First & Second at District
J. C. Tilton

The location was different, but the outcome was the same - the TVS boys track team finished first at the District III track meet in Welcome Stadium and the girls finished a close second to Franklin-Monroe. South's Drew Rivers continued his strong showing in the distance events, winning both the 800m and 1600m runs in convincing fashion. Molly Duchemin won the pole vault, setting a new District record of 9'9". A standout for the Tri-County North track team was Nikki Chapman who won the shotput with a throw of 39' 8.75". The Dixie Boys track team competed in the DII track meet where Doug Overholtz set a new record for the long jump - 22'7".

Local team finishes: Boys DIII TVS 1st 126, TCN 9th 34. Girls DII TVS 2nd 99, TCN 8th 30, Dixie 12th 22. Boys DII Valley View 3rd 75, Dixie 6th 42, Preble Shawnee 7th 37. Girls DII Valley View 2nd 101, Preble Shawnee 12th 20.

The top 4 finishers in each event qualify for the regionals. Here are the finishes of local interest: Girls 4X800m relay 3rd TVS 11:11.3, 8th Dixie 13:07.4. Boys 4X800m relay 4th TCN 9:15.1, 6th TVS 9:18.2. 100m hurdles 2nd Megan Maleski TVS 17.52, 4th Laura Green TCN 17.64, 7th Courtney Wilder Dixie 18.34. Boys 110 hurdles 1st Caleb Betzner TVS 16.71.
Girls 100m 4th Kari Summers TVS 13.83, Boys 100m Jobe Hickey TVS 12.42. Girls 4X200m relay TVS 6th 1:58.14. Boys 4X200m relay 1st TVS 1:37.04. Girls 1600m run Tiffanny Daughtery 3rd 5:41.09. Boys 1600m run Drew Rivers TVS 1st 4:32.0, 2nd Gabe Savage TCN 4"38.36, 6th Nathan Wirrig TCN 5:01.39, 7th Paul Brissey TVS 5:06.39. Girls 4X100m relay 4th TVS 52.37. Boys 4X100m relay 3rd TVS 46.46. Girls 400m Dash 6th Sara Kelhoffer 65.65. Boys 400m 5th Daniel Donaldson TVS 53.22.

Girls 300m Hurdles 4th Magan Maleski 51.23, 6th Katie McCollum TVS 54.08. Boys 300m Hurdles 2nd Caleb Betzner 41.27, 5th Jobe Hickey TVS 43.33. Girls 800m 4th Tiffanny Daughtery TCN 2:32.59, 7th Jennifer Bambeck TVS 2:42.12. Boys 800m 1st Drew Rivers TVS 2:00.24, 6th Nathan St.John TCN 2:18.23. Girls 200m 6th Kari Summers 28.92. Boys 200m 6th Kevin Dolan TCN 25.18. Girls 3200m run 6th Jessica McMurray 15:11.62, 8th Tiffany Daughtery TCN 15:27.02. Boys 3200m run 4th Nathan Wirrig TCN11:06.52, 7th Gabe Savage TCN 11:45.09. Girls 4X400 relay 7th TVS 4:46.51. Boys 4X400m relay 1st TVS 3:33.4.

Girls Discus 5th Rebecca Kloth Dixie 85-09, 6th Kayla Gisewite TVS 84-08. Boys Discus Jesse Simpson TVS 129-10, 3rd Ray Buchanon 120-0, Girls High Jump 1st Katie McCollum 4'10". Boys High Jump 7th Tyler Loxley TVS 5'8". Girls Long Jump 1st Kari Summers TVS 16'8.5", 2nd Molly DuChemin TVS 16'02.25", 8th Sara Kelhoffer Dixie 13' 5.5" Boys Long Jump 4th Chad Wentlender 19'01.75"

Girls Shotput 1st Nikki Chapman TCN 31-09.75, 2nd Rebecca Kloth Dixie 30-07.5, 4th Kayla Gisewite TVS 30-01.25, 6th Kari Thomas Dixie 28-04.5, 7th Stacey Fulmer TCN 28-02.75. Boys Shotput 4th Sean Lefeld TCN38-03.5, 5th Jesse Simpson TVS 38-02.75. Girls Pole Vault: 1st Molly DuChemin TVS 9-09, 2nd Megan Maleski TVS 9-06. Boys Pole Vault 1st Bryan Nuse TVS 12', 3rd Jacob Unger TVS 10-06.

Results from the District II Track Meet at Welcome Stadium: Girls 4X800m relay: 2nd Preble Shawnee 10:44.59, 4th Valley View 11:04.3. Boys 4X800m relay 4th Valley View 8:52.42, Dixie 8:55.99. Girls 100m Hurdles 1st Stacey Strayer VV16.49. Boys 110m Hurdles 2nd Ryan Sturgell 17.01, 3rd Jacob South PS 17.16, 6th Jeremiah South 18.27. Girls 100m 8th Samantha Buehner VV 14.05. Girls 4X200m relay 3rd VV 1:51.26. Boys 4X200m relay 6th PS 1:37.04.

Girls 1600m run 1st Stacey Strayer VV 5:18.08. Girls 4X100m relay 2nd VV 53.35. Boys 4X100m relay 4th VV 46.84, 8th PS 48.16. Girls 400m Sarah Burris VV 63.25, 7th Kendra Dickey VV 67.53. Boys 400m 3rd Teddy Buehner VV 52.63. Boys 300m hurdles: 1st Ross Peters VV 41.07, 2nd Jacob South PS 42.37, Jeremiah South PS 43.09. Girls 800m run Stacey Strayer VV 2:30.07. Boys 800m Mitch Howard VV 2:02.23. Girls 200m 5th Christie Jones VV 28.77, 8th Sarah Burris VV 29.3. Boys 200m 5th Nick Hamm PS 27.47.

Girls 3200m 5th Nicole Gallaher VV 13:37.21, 7th Stacy Jackson PS 14:02.17. Boys 3200m 3rd Jeff Rexrode Dixie 10:19.97, 5th Aaron Johnson Dixie 10:42.0. Girls 4X400m 2nd VV 4:18.61. Boys 4X400m relay 1st VV 3:33.35, 3rd Dixie 3:41.76, 5th PS 3:48.99. Girls Discus: 6th Stephanie Buell PS 91-01. Boys Discus 8th Kade Frizzell VV 121. Girls High Jump 1st Shalen Boyer VV 5-01, 5th Amber Howard PS 4-11. 8th Paula Cimprich PS 4-09. Boys High Jump 6th Doug Overholtz Dixie 5-06, 7th Kyle Lawson PS 5-06. Boys Long Jump 1st Doug Overholtz Dixie 22-07, 3rd Teddy Buehner VV 20-09.5. Girls Shotput 7th Amber Howard PS 30-09. Boys Shotput 8th Craig Metcalf Dixie 42-07. Girls Pole Vault 2nd Karlee Blosser VV 9-06, 6th Nicole Gallaher VV 7-06. Boys pole vault 1st Scott Stevens VV 12-06, 7th Rex Pitsinger VV 9-06.


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