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Brookville Girls Win Championship.
J. C. Tilton

The Brookville girls won the Buckeye division of the SWBL league meet on Saturday. Dixie finished 5th. The boys meet was won by a strong Northridge team with Brookville in second and Dixie in third. Trey Baker of Brookville cleaned house in the distance events, winning the 800m, 1600m and 3200m events. Dixie's Johnny Adams also brought home some serious SWBL hardware - winning 3 events: 100m dash and both the long jump and high jump. He came close to adding a 4th win, but was second in the 200m dash.

Other local finishers: Girls 4X800m relay 2nd Brookville 10:41.1, 5th Dixie 12:02.2. Boys 4X800m relay 1st Brookville 8:53.5, 2nd Dixie 8:56.7. Girls 100m hurdles 5th Amber Frederickson Dixie 19.53, 6 Jessica Leis Dixie 19.84. Boys 110m hurdles 4th Kevin Rutherford Brookville 19.57. Girls 100m 1st Tara Vore Brookville 13.45, 2nd Carlie Lewis Brookville 14.22, 6th Morgan Williams Dixie 14.76. Boys 100m 1st Johnny Adams Dixie 11.65, 5th Andy Newsome Brookville 12.1.

Girls 4X200m relay 3rd Dixie 1:58.64, 4th Brookville 1:58.75. Boys 4X200m relay 2nd Dixie 1:38.47, 3rd Brookville 1:38.57. Girls 1600m run 3rd Carolyn Wenner Brookville 5:39.11, 5th Lindsey Baker Brookville 5:54.15. Boys 1600m run 1st Trey Baker Brookville 4:41.65, 2nd Jared Moore Dixie 4:48.43, 3rd Jeremiah Johnson Dixie 4:50.24, 4th Josh Combs Brookville 5:01.4. Girls 4X100m relay 1st Brookville 54.4, 4th Dixie 55.82. Boys 4X100m relay 1st Dixie 46.57, 3rd Brookville 47.55.

Girls 400m 3rd Hannah Steck Brookville 61.92, 6th Hillary Lewis Brookville 68.76. Boys 400m 2nd Matt Dill Brookville 52.12, 4th Steve Wampler Brookville 52.88. Girls 300m hurdles 5th Jessica Leis Dixie 55.92. Boys 300m hurdles 4th Sean McDaniel Brookville 45.01, 5th Devin Elliott Brookville 46.48, 6th Eddie Bellman Dixie 46.95.
800m run 1st Jessica Wilson Brookville 2:28.63, 3rd Carolyn Wenner Brookville 2:35.02. Boys 800m run 1st Trey Baker Brookville 2:06.78, 4th Josh Cummins Dixie 2:11.61.

Girls 200m 2nd Tara Vore Brookville 27.63, 5th Carlie Lewis Brookville 28.86. Boys 200m dash 2nd Johnny Adams Dixie 23.35, 4th Matt Dill Brookville 24.13, 5th Andy Newsome Brookville 24.14. Girls 3200m 1st Carolyn Wenner Brookville 12:21.44, 3rd Reba Leonard Brookville 12:50.33, 4th Emily Dorsten Dixie 13:41.13. Boys 3200m run 1st Trey Baker Brookville 10:44.74, 2nd Levi Leonard Brookville 10:49.07, 3rd Jeremiah Johnson Dixie 10:49.40, 4th Scott White Dixie 11:14.91.

Girls 4X400m 2nd Brookville 4:17.7, 5th Dixie 4:43.22. Boys 4X400m relay 1st Brookville 3:36.51, 5th Dixie 3:45.6. Girls Discus 2nd Katie Boyd Brookville 93-11, 5th Amanda Domsitz Brookville 78-0, 6th Alex Cummins Dixie 74-08. Boys Discus 4th Jeremy Bartley Brookville 116-02. Girls high jump 1st Sara Kelhoffer Dixie 5-00
2nd Jessica Wilson Brookville 4-08, 5th Maria Domsitz Brookville 4-04. Boys high jump 1st Johnny Adams Dixie 6-02, 4th Sean McDaniel Brookville 5-04. Girls long jump 1st Jessica Wilson Brookville 14-06.25. 3rd Chloe Hines Brookville 13-05.5. Boys long jump 1st Johnny Adams Dixie 22-00.5.

Girls shot put 2nd Katie Boyd Brookville 30-11.25, 4th Megan Wolfe Brookville 29-10, 6th Emily Shepard Dixie 28-11.75. Boys shot put 2nd Kyle Schwochow Brookville 45-10. Boys pole vault 1st Robert Beach Dixie 9-06.


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