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Madison Track Results
J. C. Tilton

At the Madison “Frank Chew” Invitational the winning team for the girls was Madison with 97.5 points. Local teams finished as follows: TVS 4th, Valley View 5th, National Trail 7th, Preble Shawnee 9th, TCN 10th. The boys winning team was Northridge with 105 points. Locally Valley View was second, TVS 3rd, Preble Shawnee 7th, TCN 8th, National Trail 12th.

Here is a listing of local finishes: Girls 4X800m relay TVS 4th, TCN 5th, Valley View 6th. Boys 4X800m relay TVS 6th. 100m hurdles Laura Green TCN 5th 17.3, Rachel Brooks TCN 6th 17.4. 110m hurdles 3rd Jeremiah South Preble Shawnee 16.2. 100m Dash Girls 3rd Amber Niswonger Twin Valley South 13.3, 5th Ashley Groff Twin Valley South 13.4 100m Dash Boys 2nd Joe Maleski Twin Valley South 11.4, 4th Ryan Kirk Valley View 11.40

Girls 4X200m relay 1st Twin Valley South 1:51.80, 4th Valley View 1:53.80. Boys 4X200m relay 2nd Twin Valley South 1:36.10, 3rd Valley View 1:36.20, 6th Tri-County North 1:38.6. Girls 1600m run 3rd Stacy Jackson Preble Shawnee 5:52.4. Boys 1600m run 1st Steven Taulbee Twin Valley 4:53.5, 2nd Anthony Zani Valley View 4:58.0.

Girls 4X100m relay 3rd Preble Shawnee 54.1, 4th Twin Valley South 54.3. 6 Valley View 54.6. Boys 4X100m relay 1st Tri-County North 45.6, 4th Valley View 46.20, 5th Preble Shawnee 48.00, 5th Twin Valley South 48.0. Girls 400m 4th Jennifer Bambeck Twin Valley South 64.6. Boys 400m 2nd Mitch Howard Valley View 52.7, 3rd Bryant McLaughlin Valley View 53.0, 4th Daniel Donaldson Twin Valley South 53.8.

Girls 300m hurdles 5th Kate McCollum Twin Valley South 50.8. Boys 300m hurdles 1st Jeremiah South Preble Shawnee 40.2, 2nd Ryan Peck Valley View 42.5, 4th Jacob Eby Valley View 44.2, 6th Jared Krickenbarger Twin Valley 44.5. Girls 800m run 2nd Tiffanny Daughtery Tri-County North 2:35.80, 3rd Megan Werner Tri-County North 2:36.6, 4th Sarah Holland Valley View 2:37.10, 5th Stacy Jackson Preble Shawnee 2:38.6. Boys 800m run 2nd Steven Taulbee Twin Valley South 2:07.6, 5th Joe Finney Tri-County North 2:09.4, 6th Mitch Westwood Valley View 2:09.5.

Girls 200m 3 Jennifer Bambeck Twin Valley South 27.8, 5th Bailey Brewer Shawnee 28.0. Boys 200m 2 Joe Maleski Twin Valley South 23.40, 4th Daniel Donaldson Twin Valley South 23.7, 5th Jeremiah South Preble Shawnee 23.9. Boys 3200m 1st Nathan Wirrig Tri-County North 10:25.6, 3rd Anthony Zani Valley View 10:41.1, 5th Grant Blanton Valley View 11:09.4. Girls 4X400m 3rd Valley View 4:22.9. Boys 4X400m 1st Valley View 3:36.2, 5th Twin Valley South 3:48.6.

Girls discus 2 Kait Ervin Twin Valley South 107-07, 3rd Jessie Rowland Valley View 100-06. 3rd Jesse Simpson Twin Valley South 130-05. Girls High Jump 1st Kate McCollum Twin Valley 5-00, 2nd Emily Amburgey Preble Shawnee 5-00.0, 3rd Sarah Burris Valley View 5-00.0. Boys High Jump 3rd Drew Heindl Tri-County North 5-10, 5th Steven Hale Shawnee 5-08, 6th Nick Bryant Valley View 5-08. Girls Long Jump 3rd Mary Clark Valley View 15-08, 5th Rachel Brooks Tri-County North. Boys Long Jump 3rd Nick Hamm Shawnee 20-04.5, 5th Brandon Scott Twin Valley South 19-04.75, Lee Turck Valley View 19-03

Girls Shot Put 2nd Kait Ervin Twin Valley 35-00. Boys Shot Put 2nd Zach Pummill Valley View 47-00.0, 3rd Chris Lester Preble Shawnee 46-11.00, 4th Jesse Simpson Twin Valley South 45-10.0, 5th John Stone Twin Valley South 45-10. Girls Pole Vault 1st Karlee Blosser Valley View 10-06, 4th Ashley Molina Tri-County North 8-00, 5th Rebecca Kurtz Valley View 7-06,6(tie) Elizabeth Bambeck Twin Valley South 6-06, 6th(tie) Kelcey Lebo Tri-County North 6-06, 6th(tie) Ginny Ingram Twin Valley South 6-06. Boys Pole Vault 1st Ryan Dalton Valley View 13-00, 3rd Jacob Unger Twin Valley South 12-00, 6th Steven Bierly Tri-County North 10-06.

Girls Triple Jump 2nd Mary Clark Valley View 30-04, 4th Emily Amburgey Preble Shawnee 27-11. Boys Triple Jump 1st Nick Hamm Preble Shawnee 37-09.5, 3rd Jared Krickenbarger Twin Valley South 36-03.00, 4th Scott Leedy Twin Valley South 34-07, 5th Steven Hale Preble Shawnee 34-03.50, 6th Lee Turck Valley View 34-02.5

























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