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0427prb03 100 meter hurdles.

0427prb05 National Trail hurdler Jessica McWhinney has a leg up on her competition.

0427prb08 South hurdler Jared Krickenbarger would finish first in the 300m hurdles.

0427prb10 On your marks, get setů and South's Amber Niswonger(leftmost lane) would go on to win the 100m dash.

0427prb14 South's Amber Niswonger leans into the curve on this leg of the 4X200m relay.

0427prb16 South's Jennifer Bambeck anchors the first place 4X200m relay team.

0427prb18 South's 4X200m relay team has a slim lead over North.

0427prb22 GOOD South's Jared Krickenbarger clears the bar on his way to a third place finish.

0427prb24 Dudley of TCN clears the bar on this pole vault.

0427prb26 GOOD Freshman Abbie Schlater of TCN fends off a challenge by Kiracofe of Eaton to go on and win the 1600m run.

0427prb27 Drew Heindl of TCN finishes second in the high jump.

0427prb30 Katie McCoy of TVS competes in the shot put.

0427prb32 JT Stone of TVS places second in discus and first in shot.

0427prb35 COVER Anchor Drew Heindl of first place TCN strains for the finish line in the 400m relay.

0427prb41 Kevin Hale of Preble Shawnee gets 5th place in the high jump.

0427prb43 Spencer Ervin of TVS strains to pull ahead of his counterpart from TCN.

0427prb51 Scott Leedy of TVS finishes 4th in the 300m hurdles.

0427prb52 Jared Krickenbarger of TVS is a first place finisher in the 300m hurdles.

0427prb53 Katie Glander of TVS will go on to win the 800m run.

0427prb56 Kyle Booth of TCN competes in the 200m dash.

0427prb61 County Champs! Twin Valley South has some more hardware for the trophy case.





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