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South - Eaton Winners at Preble County Meet
J. C. Tilton

The TVS boys team continued their winning ways with a victory over their county rivals. The team seems to be hitting it's stride with 8 first place finishes. Joe Maleski struck twice, winning both the 100m and 200m dashes. Jesse Simpson and JT Stone combined for 1st and 2nd finishes in both the discus and the shot, it was Simpson who won the shot put and Stone turned around and won the discus. Taulbee of TVS finished 1st in both the 800m and 1600m run. Districts are right around the corner so the team is peaking at the right time. Eaton girls had first place, edging out TVS by just 3 points. Coach Mabry of TVS was eyeing individual performances since the South girls has no distance runners and no hurdlers. So it was impressive that in the remaining events the team was strong enough to come so close to a victory. Kate Ervin had another impressive outing for South, winning both the shot and discus. Team finishes Boys - TVS 1st 119, TCN 2nd 84.5, Eaton 3rd 83, PS 4th 57.5 NT 5th 9. Girls - Eaton 1st 108.5, TVS 2nd 105.5, PS 3rd 69, 4th(tie) TCN NT 35.

North boys managed a second place finish. The teams premier distance runner, Nathan Wirrig was ill for the first part of the season and is easing back into competition. He led North to a 1-2-3 finish in the 3200m run, beating his teammate Lane Hart by a respectable 35 seconds. North also had a trifecta in the high jump. McAdams and Drew Heindl both jumped 5'10" and AJ Summers was right behind with a jump of 5'8". The TCN girls finished in a tie for 4th. The team lost a distance runner from last season who decided not to participate this spring, but freshman Abbie Schlater stepped up and was the sole first place finisher for the North girls in the 1600m run. Jessica McWhinney of Trail also had an impressive performance winning both the 100m and 300m hurdle events.

Other local finishers: Boys: 110m hurdles 2nd Krickenbarger TVS 18.6, 3rd Monesmith PS 18.02. 100m 1st Maleski TVS 11.5, 2nd Begley PS 11.6, 4th Booth TCN 11.7, Eley TCN 11.9. 1600m 1st Taulbee TVS 5:02, 2nd Trent PS 5:07, Gephart TCN 5:25. 400m 1st Anspaugh TVS 53.12, 5th Ervin TVS 57.3. Discus: 1st Simpson TVS 146' 7", 2nd Stone TVS 138, Lefeld TCN 122, Williams TVS 121. 300m hurdles 1st Krickenbarger TVS 44.9, 2nd McAdams TCN 45, 4th Leedy TVS 47, 5th Monesmith PS 47.

Pole Vault 2nd Dudley TCN 11', 3rd Krickenbarger TVS 11', 4th Bierly TCN 10. 800m 1st Taulbee TVS 2:12.1, 2nd Cottingim PS 2:12.4, 3rd Metts TVS 2:17, 4th Broughton TCN 2:19, 5th Combs TVS 2:23. High Jump: 1st McAdams TCN 5'10", 2nd Heindl TCN 5'10", 3rd Summers TCN 5'8", 4th Hale PS 5'6". 200m 1st Maleski TVS 23.4, 2nd Begley PS 23.9, 4th Anspaugh TVS 24.5. 3200m 1st Wirrig TCN 10:46, 2nd Hart TCN 11:21, 3rd Farley TCN 11:27, 4th Hensen PS 11:29, 5th Taulbee TVS 11:40. 1600m relay TVS 2nd, PS 3rd. Long Jump 1st Hamm PS 21'1", 3rd Bierly TCN 19;8", 4th Heindl TCN 19'7", Ervin TVS 19'4". Shotput 1st Stone TVS 48'8", 2nd Simpson TVS 48'8",3rd Bierly TCN 43, 4th Koelier TVS 42. 3200m relay TVS 1st, TCN 2nd , PS 4th. 800m relay PS 1st, TVS 3rd, TCN 4th. 400m relay TCN 1st, PS 3rd.

Girls: Discus 1st Ervin TVS 112, Johnson PS 85; 100 Hurdles 2nd Amburgey PS 16.9, Brooks TCN 18.2. 100m 1st Niswonger TVS 13.5, 2nd Groff TVS 13.6, 4th Schroeder PS 13.8. 1600m 1st Schlater TCN 5:49. Shot 1st Ervin TVS 38, 2nd Johnson PS 30, 3rd Chaney PS 29. 400m Bambeck TVS 1:03. 300m Hurdles 2nd Wilson PS 52,4th Finch PS 54, 5th Judd TCN 57. 800m 1st Glander TVS 2:42, 3rd Bambeck TVS 2:42, 5th Offenbaker TCN 2:48.

Long Jump 1st Groff TVS 15'3, 3rd Egleston TVS 14'5, 4th Jorgenson TVS 13. 200m 1st Wilson PS 28, 2nd Schroeder PS 29.0, 3rd Bambeck TVS 29.04, 5th Hickey TVS 30. 3200m 5th Seibel TCN 17:44. 1600m relay TCN 2nd, TVS 3rd, PS 4th. Pole Vault 1st Bambeck TVS 7'6, 2nd Molina TCN 7'6, 4th Lebo TCN 7, 5th Voge TVS 6'6. High Jump 1st Amburgey PS, 2nd Seibel TCN 4'10, 3rd Jackson PS 4'8, Jorgenson TVS 4'4. 3200m relay TVS 2nd, PS 3rd. 800m relay 1st TVS, 4th PS. 400m relay TVS 1st, PS 2nd, TCN 4th.


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