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South Teams are First and First in County Meet.
J. C. Tilton

Both the girls and boys varsity track meets managed first place finishes in the County meet held this past Tuesday. There was a problem with the girls pole vault and this event had to held the next day. Coach Glen Mabry had some post meet comments:
“The girls performed well last night. They really went out and competed hard.
The weather was not the best but we did have some season best results. Kari
went 16' 7 and Molly 15' 10 in the long jump to finish 1st & 2nd. Also
Jessica McMurray won the 1600 & 3200 runs in season best times. Magen Maleski won
the 300 hurdles and high jump and our 4 x 200 & 4 x 100 relays both won”.

Team finishes by the boys: TVS 142, Eaton 104, TCN 42, Shawnee 41, National Trail 22. Team finishes by the girls: TVS 120, Eaton 81, Shawnee 67, National Trail 43, TCN 39.

Here are individual finishes by the girls: 4X800m relay PS 1st, 11:12.29, TVS 2nd, Eaton 3rd, Trail 4th. 4X200m relay TVS 1st 1:59.6, Trail 2nd, Eaton 3rd, Shawnee 4th, TCN 5th. 4X100m relay TVS 1st, 54.02, Eaton 2nd, Trail 3rd, North 4th. 4X400m relay Eaton 1st 4:42.53, Shawnee 2nd, South 3rd, North 4th, Trail 5th.

100m Hurdles 1st McQuinney Trail 16.72, 2nd Maleski TVS, 3rd Greene North, 4th Downs Eaton, 5th Wentzell Eaton. 400m 1st Eaton 1:06.69, 2nd Puckett Shawnee, 3rd Renner Eaton, 4th Todd Shawnee, 5th Fullen TVS. 200m 1st Coning Eaton, 2nd Summers TVS, 3rd Vanhusdel Trail, 4th Horstman TCN, 5th Niswonger TVS. 100m 1st Coning Eaton 12.9, 2nd Summers TVS, 3rd Horstman Trail, 4th Todd Shawnee, 5th Niswonger TVS. 300m hurdles 1st Maleski TVS 50.21, 2nd McQuinney Trail, 3rd Green TCN, 4th Duchemin TVS, 5th McCollum TVS. 3200m 1st McMurray 13:42, 2nd Obanon Shawnee, 3rd McClellan Eaton, 4th Buckalew Eaton. 1600m 1st McMurray 6:10.28, 2nd Jackson Shawnee, 3rd Obanion Shawnee, 4th McClellan Eaton, 5th Buckalew Eaton. 800m 1st Daughtery TCN 2:38.5, 2nd Jackson Shawnee, 3rd Rumpke Shawnee, 4th Bambeck TVS 2:56.71. 5th Pucket Shawnee.

Long Jump 1st Summers TVS 16'7" 2nd Maleski 15'7.5" Shotput 1st Ayers Eaton 34'5", 2nd Chapman TCN, 3rd Howard Shawnee, 4th Fullmer TCN, 5th Gesewite TVS. High Jump 1st Wassom Trail, 2nd Maleski TVS, 3rd McCollum TVS, 4th Howard Shawnee, 5th Cimprich Shawnee. Discus 1st Ayers Eaton 114'6", 2nd Howard Shawnee, 3rd Chapman TCN, 4th Daughtery TCN, 5thGibbins Trail.


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