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National Trail Relays
J. C. Tilton

The Blazers hosted their annual track relays on Saturday. This is a meet where every event is a relay. This is done for the field events as well. For instance, in the long jump three athletes will compete and each ones best jump is added together to get a total distance for the relay ‘team'. Of course each running event is a relay - no individual races. It's a different type of meet and team depth is needed to get a high score. There was a minor controversy at the start of the meet. On Friday, National Trail decided to cancel the pole vault. But due to a communications problem the visiting schools did not get notified. So the vaulters showed up, poles in hand to compete. There was a stiff breeze on Saturday. But the breeze was from the West - to the backs of vaulters. In other words, there was not a hazard from a crosswind. After some discussion, National Trail rescinded their decision and the vaulters were able to compete. The results were not available at the deadline for publication, but please enjoy some of the pictures from the meet. Comments:

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