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Valley View Trounces Dixie
J. C. Tilton

The Dixie fastpitch team had a rough time of it against the Valley View Spartans. The Spartans made good contact with the ball and were able to score steadily thru out the game. Dixie was unable to put together a good scoring threat and were shut out. They did have a late threat when Megan Millikin doubled late in the game, but no one could bring her around. Ronnie Waszmuth's arm was just too strong for Dixie. And the team did not skip a beat when reliever Chelsea Brown closed the game for the Spartans, the two combined for 9 strikeouts. The team defense was stout, only allowing one error. Although Dixie's starting pitcher, Autumn Powell, had 4 strikeouts, the experienced Spartan team was able to get timely hits to bring runners around for scores. The final tally was Spartans 8, Dixie 0. The Greyhounds also dropped a game against Eaton earlier in the week and are 0-2. Valley View has gotten themselves off to a 2-0 start with the victory, the other win was over Northridge.

Spartan coach Donna Layman was asked for her comments, “When you have a shut out, it's hard not to acknowledge that. We played really well together as a team. We have been working on communication and working together. We're still trying to figure out who should play where. We have people in different spots than they have played before. We also made good contact and we were able to execute.”

I next asked Dixie's coach money about the slow start against bigger schools (Eaton and ValleyView). “We need to play against good competition. We're young, but I saw a lot of positives tonight. We never lost sight of what team is about. Valley View is really good, they are one of the better teams that we will see this year. But that is what SWBL softball is, there are some good teams, good players. They hit the ball extremely well. And when you start players that have never been on varsity - they have to learn, and they are learning. And the biggest thing is that we are a team right now. And we are going to get better and we will continue to get better and work hard. There is no quit - I mean we don't quit. They play for the uniform. I am real pleased for them. Sure it hurts a little bit, but we'll be back.”

“We were out of sync the first two innings, our inexperience against their experience, but we played better once we settled down. And we played good defense, [only two errors], they hit the ball in gaps. We seemed to hit the ball right at someone. Pretty soon they will be in that state of 'hitting them where they ain't' to quote Rod Carew. That's the nice thing about fastpitch, tomorrow is another day.” Comments

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