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0224tvsmf3 TVS Cheerleaders at the South Tournament game

0224tvsmf4 South Cheerleaders warm up the crowd at Fairborn.

0224tvsmf5 Panther Cheerleaders in action at the South tournament game.

0224tvsmf06 South's Wes Bassler(23) charges down court.

0224tvsmf7 South's Clint Spitler(4) shoots in the paint.

0224tvsmf8 South's Clint Spitler(4) penetrates and shoots.

0224tvsmf11 South linebacker turned post player JT Stone(33) muscles his way to a rebound.

0224tvsmf12 South's Scott Leedy gets a helping hand on this rebound.

0224tvsmf14 JT Stone(33) shoots in the post.

0224tvsmf16 Clint Spitler(4) from South, tries to get an angle around this Falcon defender.

0224tvsmf19 Corey Bassler(11) of TVS attempts to get around a Fenwick defender.




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