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0113tvsdix58 Dixies Ryan Sinnamon(2) looks in from the wing. Ryan Innis(2).

0113tvsdix59 Dixie's Jared Moore(12) drives to the hoop.

0113tvsdix60 Dixie's Jared Moore(12) at midpoint of a cross over dribble.

0113tvsdix67 South cheerleaders rally the team at halftime.

0113tvsdix72 South cheerleaders entertain at halftime.

0113tvsdix73 Dixie's Matt Risner(44) takes a charge from South's Wes Rehmert(13). Nick Miller(21), Steve Summers(32).

0113tvsdix76 South's Cory Bassler(11) takes a shot.

0113tvsdix77 South's Steve Summers(32) connects for 16 points against Dixie.

0113tvsdix78 South's JT Stone(33) and Dixie's Jared Moore(12) battle for a rebound. Cooper Mohr(14), Nick Bertke(24).

0113tvsdix79 South's Clint Spitler(4) looks for an open player.

0113tvsdix84 Dixie's Jared Moore(12) draws a lot of attention from the South defense. Travis Strebig(34), Cory Bassler(11), Steve Summers(32).



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