West Alexandria Girls Basketball Signups!

Teams are now being formed for girls from the Twin Valley South School District. The girls will play in a league made up of schools from the SWBL Northridge, Dixie, Carlisle, Preble Shawnee, etc. So some travelling will be involved, but most of these schools are close. Games are generally played on Sunday afternoons although there may be some Saturday games. Practices will be mainly on weekday evenings. This is a good way for girls to get experience before Junior High. Last year was the first year for this and it went well.

4th grade Some teams are fielding 4th grade tams for the first time. The rules will be different û no zones, no presses, the score reset to 0-0, at half time etc. The focus is more on learning at this age level. This is being done on a probationary basis this season.

Cost - 5th and 6th $65 per player. If the player has their jersey from last season or can find a red and white reversible jersey, then they can knock $30 off of this fee and just pay $35. The money will mainly be used to pay for gym time. Last season we could only afford one practice per week during part of the winter. This year we will try to get in more practice time so that we can be even more competitive. This is why the feeÆs have gone up. Also we will not do a concession stand, it generated money, but it was a hassle to run. 4th Grade - $30 for a jersey + $15 to help cover gym time. The 4th will play less games and also practice less so their feeÆs will be slightly lower.

Payments If you want to let your player practice for a week first and see how they like basketball before paying then that is OK. Also if you want to split the fee into several payments, that is OK. Finally, we have local merchants that will sponsor a player if the fee is a problem. If a family has two or more players then $10 can be discounted from each fee.

Locations: We are hoping to have all practices and home games at TVS or the OLD TVS High School.. I think that we had at least one practice at the Gratis Gym last year when the other two gyms were booked.

Help: Last season, I coached two teams + plus administrated the 3 & 4th grade league. I am not going to do it all this season. So please help by coaching, being a team parent, writing articles for the paper, etc.

The 6rh grade team is covered, but a 5th grade coach is needed.

Signup Date: October 23, 7pm to 8:30 bring your gym shoes and be ready to play!

Signup Location: Twin Valley South Elementary Gym

Parents Meeting: in the Commons area at:7:20. Talk about the season, find a 5th grade coach, answer questions, etc.

If you cannot make it to signups, it is OK to mail in your signup sheet.

Chris Tilton

3539 Aukerman Creek Rd.

Camden, OH 45311

Make checks out to: PBCA (Preble County Basketball Association)


Players name __________________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________________

Current Grade ______________________________________________

Paid _______ Jersey Number [0-5][0-5]: 1st choice_____ 2nd _____ 3rd _____ Jersey Size _________

Family email (if I donÆt already have it) ___________________________________________

Parent willing to help:

___ Coach ___ Assistant Coach ____ Accounting ____ Writer (articles for newspapers)

___ Team Parent


*** Note *** This is not affiliated with Twin Valley South Schools.